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My travel agent reserved a Chrysler Voyager, or similar, Mini Van several weeks in advance for us. Upon arrival at the PV airport I checked in at the USave counter and initiated the rental paperwork about 3 hours before I would actually require the car.

This was done to insure a car would be there for us at the time of pickup. When I went to get the car I was told that I had to go off-site from the airport for our car. That site was across a highway from the airport and would have been very difficult to walk to, especially with all of our luggage. After about 20 minutes their shuttle (a very old and beat up van) arrived and took us the the off-site facility.

Bags were unloaded and we went inside to finish the paperwork. After some hushed discussion between the two USave employees working the counter we were informed that the only vehicle in the size we wanted and was available was the shuttle van we were transported in from the airport. That van was a disaster waiting to happen and I told them there was no way we would accept that vehicle. As they had already proceeded to load our luggage back into that thing I also told them to remove our luggage.

We were then offered a sub-compact car that in no way would accommodate 4 adults and all their luggage. They insisted nothing else was available and that basically we were on our own, in a foreign country, to try and find a car. My wife and I walked several blocks down the street to one agency but they too did not have anything for us. We then walked a mile or so in the other direction and found a Budget agency that would rent us a 4 door Jeep that was sufficient or our needs.

However I was told by the Budget manager that since I did not have a reservation the cost for the Jeep would be an additional $150+ over what USave was going to charge us, which I had to accept as we had no other choice. I would under no circumstances ever recommend USave Auto Rental to anyone, and I feel strongly that USave should reimburse me for the $150+ I had to pay Budget.

The travel agency that made the initial reservation with USave will request this reimbursement and also indicated that they too would never recommend USave to any of their clients. Do Not use USave!

Monetary Loss: $150.

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