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U-Save is the worst rental company I've ever dealt with. You pay what you get for.

U-Save couldn't find my reservation by name, luckily I had my confirmation number. The first the U-Save in Orlando will put you on hold a minimum of 3 time holding for 5 minutes each time. They picked us up from the airport and the girl talking to me was talking to me like I was arguing with her about the insurance which they never told me that I needed to bring my insurance card to begin with. Traveling from NJ to Orlando that is a big piece of information to leave out.

After an hour later and my insurance having to talk to them because they had no idea what u-saved wanted we were on our way. The following day the can overheated, I call them, on hold 4 times for 15 minutes. They said the manager was going to call me back, 20 minutes later no phone call. Decide to risk driving the car back to my sisters.

I end up calling back. They said they couldn't bring a car to me for hours later. While talking to the manager he said the quickest way for me to get another car is DRIVE the car back up to them. After trying to tell them the car is overheating and getting interrupted every single time I tried to say something they said I they were short of staff and there was nothing I can do.

The manager, I guess thinking because I'm a girl and no nothing about cars, talk to me like I know nothing about cars or rentals, said he doesn't speak english anymore, I was getting influenced by family, said my conversation with is delaying me getting another car. He asked what I was doing for the day. What should that matter? If I was doing nothing that shouldn't matter, I'm paying for a car that doesn't work.

That was my boiling point I ended up screaming at him, hanging the phone up, and declining for them to bring another car. Calling me back, all of a sudden they were able to bring a car in an hour. I still declined getting another car my whole vacation was ruined. I couldn't go anywhere with my family.

They ended up picking up the car 6 hours later (don't know if they made it back to their location), they did refund the charges (i would have cancelled payment on my credit card anyways), I will never use they again. The worst company for customer service ever. What if I was on the side of the side on a highway in FL in 90 degree weather? Too Bad???

They have no idea how to talk to people and what to do in emergency situations. I will never use them again.

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