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U-Save Car & Truck Rental franchise is not worth your investment. My opinion and advice, stay away!

The parent company, Franchise Services of North America has filed bankruptcy. They have since been thrown out of bankruptcy for not having authority to file the bankruptcy. Franchise Services of North America has filed for bankruptcy in the past for other subsidiaries. They are still seeking bankruptcy protection by way of appeal.

They have been practically begging the court for a stay, to protect them from litigations that are closing in on Franchise Services of North America.

U-Save Car & Truck Rental in our opinion is horrific and if the same individuals still operate the franchises, our opinion, it will remain a terrible franchise. They are not honest in their franchise disclosure documents, which can be very dangerous for any franchise prospect. U-Save reservation fees and royalties are at times in excess of 43%, horrific number.

The franchise does not really support their franchisees. In fact, U-save has a history of locking franchises out of reservation systems when they are arguing over fees.

Attached are some court transcripts and documents in regards to their debt and statements by counsel saying the company is like a melting ice cube.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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