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The Most UNPROFESSIONAL place I have EVER had the displeasure of dealing with in my life. They seem to boast about their great "customer service" skills and small town aura of business sense and that they are passionate about their community.As an Asheville Native I am appalled by what I am going through tonight.I sit here writing this review at 3 AM.Me and my husband took a wonderful vacation for a week and decided we would rent a car for out trip,I researched online looking for something simple and hassle free,I thought immediately "local is better": WRONG.

I was to return the car @ 9pm 6/26/11 (on a sunday) ,Though the "receptionist" made a typo and put AM not PM, This is only one of the mistakes on my original paperwork,she misspelled my last name as well,when I had to come back to the facility to add my husband on to the rental agreement the other woman was not only being very rude by not wanting to get off the phone she seemed to want to move at a SLOW pace to show us her disdain for not wishing to not only add him on,but FIX my paperwork! When my husband told her what he did for a living (long haul trucker) her entire demeanor Changed,as though we were even "Lower" trash beneath her feet.When I went to return the car last night,NO DROP BOX.. only a mailbox with no lock.All the doors were locked and no where to put the key!? I could not get in touch with the OWNER though on the office phone it states "I am ALWAYS available for you on my cell phone" The lovely ending to this beautiful experience?

VOICE MAIL WAS FULL.. then? it WASN'T.. so I left a message.That was @ 11 pm after driving back and forth for over an hour and half,upset crying and not knowing what to do.Bottom line?

AVOID LIKE THE PLAGUE NEVER EVER RENT FROM THESE PEOPLE.I will be passing this on all over the internet,this was the WORST experience after a lovely vacation.To add to this review: this add stated before I even started this review this place was "reported to be out of business" not true.They are Open,but how I will never know.If I treated my clients the way they do theirs I would be bankrupt and out of of business myself! Show less

Product or Service Mentioned: Usave Car And Truck Rental Car Rental.

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This person sounds a little angry . .

. maybe at life?


I am not sure what happened with this person but I have rented many times from U Save in Asheville and it has always been a great experience

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