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I travel for a living but this is the worst rental company ever. Rude and abusive “service”.

I saw them exploiting innocent young visitors by requiring a hard copy proof of insurance only because they want to force people into buying their car insurance. Don A.

Was the worker. horrible

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That exact same thing happened to me. As i insisted that my own insurance was comp/collision and turned down theirs, the argument ensued.

He asked for a copy of my insurance and to his surprise I was able to give it, so then the guy threatened me with extra fees, deposits of $400 regardless if i was the cause of an accident or not.

I told the team of sales agents that i felt trapped because it was already prepaid and non-refundable so i couldn't refuse renting based on the new information. This is scam and i can't believe they are allowed legally to operate like this.

to Anonymous #1598398

We need to initiate a class action suit

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